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Live an Organized Life!
Wendy Tridle
Professional Organizer & Interior Designer


Wendy Tridle graduated with an Interior Design degree and has worked in the industry for over 18 years. With her education and experience, Wendy can provide you with an organization and design plan that with assist you to Live an Organized Life! 

As a professional organizing Coach and interior designer in Lincoln, Nebraska, Wendy teaches and motivates people to organize and design their workspace and lives.

Organization can be as small as a desk drawer to as large as a storage room or kitchen. Whether you are downsizing, moving, or just need some organization in your current space, Organize by Design can create an ergonomic, functional, and useable space


Interior Design service can refresh your space to create a color theme, add accessories, and design a functional space. Organize by Design will listen to your needs and identify problems areas to customize an environment that will be comfortable and reflect your individuality. 

Motivational Speaker with the topic of "Organized Space = More Productive Life!" In a life changing presentation, you will be given information so you can increase your productivity and potential.  Wendy will explain how Less is More and Conquer the Clutter, and educates her audience about tools to use to Live an Organized Life!

Awards and Certifications 
 * Nomination for top 5 interior designers in Lincoln 2015
    * Nomination for top 5 interior designers in Lincoln 2014
    * Certified Home Stager 2014
    * Interior Designer for Model Home/Parade of Homes 2014
* Bachelors degree in Interior Design 1998      


Live an Organized Life!
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