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Love Your Organized Space!
Do you spend too much time trying to find something in your cluttered closet, drawers, and cupboards? Are you getting frustrated and anxious with the amount of Tidying-Up that must be done? How many times have you said to yourself, "I will get to it "someday."  Someday is TODAY! 

Organize by Design uses simple, step-by-step systems to put order back into your kitchen, garage and office.  We do the work beside you.  We stay on task, so you can focus on the final outcome and Love Your Organized Space! 
So now what?
There is only 1 thing to do: Call Organize by Design for your organization session! 402.417.6532


Fee Schedule
From time to time, OBD may have a special new client rate, or a discount for special situations, but in general the following rates apply for services:
1. Client Interview $25 for 30 minutes; $45 for 60 minutes.  This fee can be applied to the first organization session, only.
2. Organization $45/hour/per worker