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Love Your Organized Space!
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The organizer from OBD
helps me about every other week.  She comes over for a couple hours for 'organization maintenance'.  It may be going through children's clothes or cleaning out some cupboards. It is a great way to keep up with my ideas that need to be organized.”

"Wendy came to my office. She was there to visit me but I was really busy.  The phone rang and I answered it. I rolled my chair to get the file for the client while I was talking on the phone. When I got off the phone, I complained about my hip and neck hurting.  Wendy got up and arranged my office in 5 minutes!  She put the phone on the left side because I talk with my left ear, moved my computer to be straight in front of me, properly adjusted my office chair, and moved my files around. In 5 minutes she helped me work efficiently to save me lots of time and help work (sit) properly to relieve physical stress and pain.  She is amazing!”

“When the holidays are here, I become very stressed and overwhelmed. I hired Organize by Design to help with some seasonal decorating. It went so fast with the both of us decorating and the house looked amazing.  My OBD holiday decorator also helped me purchase holiday items and wrapped all the Christmas presents.  I enjoyed the holidays so much more knowing it was done and did not have to worry about it."

“I have had Wendy with Organize by Design work for me several times.  We usually organize and put together a room.  She has great ideas on where to place and organize items.  She makes every item have a home.  While she places items in their new home, she explains why and where it should go.  This makes it easy to find and easy to use.  Her labels keep my things organized.”

“I remodeled my kitchen.  Wendy, the OBD designer,  helped me design it by listening to what my needs are.  She lined up highly recommended subcontractors. After the job was completed, we put items in the cupboard. As we worked, she explained why each items should be in a certain location. Everything made sense and it is all easy to find and maintain!”

"I wanted to repaint my home.  I asked OBD to help me select the new colors.  They not only helped me select colors but helped me rearrange some décor items.  I believe I saved money because I did not have to purchase new accessories.  OBD used what I had, but it looks new to me because it is in a new location.”

“I had a closet stuffed full of toys and odds and ends.  Wendy helped me downsize my kids’ closet.  She provided me with reasons why I need to downsize. She organized my kids’ closet in seasons and then in colors.  We found items I did not know we had and then downsized when I had more than one of the same thing. She not only is an organizer but a counselor.”

Love Your Organized Space!  
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